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CRYSTĀ Australia 

Crystā's Essence of Mother Nature invites you to experience the tranquility of healing with crystal infused hydration. Crystā's crystals are certified and naturally sourced, ensuring you get the highest quality minerals that Mother Earth has to offer. Each crystal has been infused with healing reiki energy. This gentle yet powerful energy will ensure you get the very most out of your crystal healing, magnifying your crystals healing properties. 

Crystal hydration therapy combines the benefits of water and staying hydrated with the powerful healing properties of crystals. Each crystal emitting its own individual healing vibration. Purifying, energising and charging your water for a holistic approach to wellness and healing of the mind body and soul. 

Crystals have been used and handed down since the ancient times for their high vibrational properties. 

The Ancient Egyptians would use crystals for protection and health commonly seen in Egyptian

amulets and jewellery, they believed the crystals absorb and remove negative energies from the body while pushing energy into the body, mind or spirit via resonant frequencies as well as balancing misaligned energies to produce harmony.

The Ancient Greek warriors would grind up crystals to rub onto themselves prior to battle, they believed that they will become stronger and more powerful while providing them with protection during battle. 

In todays modern culture crystal healing is still very much among us with crystal hydration therapy becoming widely known for its healing, ritualistic and protective properties. 

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